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Fig Carpaccio with roasted walnuts

When olive oil meets nuts The coming next weeks we are going to show you […]

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Get More Taste

..not just out of food, but out of life!

Think of some of the best times you ever had, your best memories… your friends are there, loved ones and most likely music to set the atmosphere. There’s one thing those sweet memories all have in common, great food.

It’s those moments, that deserve more taste. Moments when you bring out that special bottle of wine, and why stop there? Once all those fresh and pure ingredients are out and you’re set for a night of creating memories, you’ll want to add more taste to everything and have a finishing touch, worthy of the moment.

That’s why we created Neolea Extra Virgin Olive Oil. #GetMoreTaste


The Magic of Neolea

Life is more busy than ever but when you do cook, you create magic!

Neolea will add pure flavor to just about anything. You don’t need to be a chef to create amazing tasting food, but you do need great ingredients.

Neolea will add a whole new dimension to sweet potato soup, grilled meat, boiled or grilled vegetables and yes, even on top of vanilla ice-cream, Neolea will create magic. Are you inspired yet?

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Extraordeliciously Virgin

We care deeply about Neolea’s extra virginity and we believe you should too.

Industry standards require extra virgin olive oil to have an acidity lower than 0.8. Neolea is extracted with an acidity of 0.2. This keeps Neolea fresh for a long time and means certain production standards were adhered to, such as an early harvest. This results in high levels of phenolic acid or anti oxidants creating the foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

Olive oil absorbs any flavor and aroma it comes in contact with. The extraction process therefore requires great care to make sure Neolea is free of any defect in flavor or aroma. Once you open your bottle of Neolea, only the naturally present characteristics such as fresh herbs, artichoke, green apple and many more will inspire your senses.

We exclusively bottle 100% pure and fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the highest quality that has passed several quality checks and our promise to you is to never compromise on that quality.

Modern Authenticity

Neolea is not just an ingredient, it’s pure flavor, it’s a gift, it’s the foundation of the healthy mediterranean diet, it’s a storytelling piece of home decoration. Olive oil is a lifestyle!

  • 500 ml
  • Glass bottle (only inert material guaranteed not to affect olive oil)
  • Koroneiki Variety
  • Early Harvest
  • 100% Pure
  • 100% Fresh

Organoleptic Profile

Well balanced fruitiness, bitterness and pungency. Rich aromatic profile with notes of olive leaves, green herbs, freshly cut grass and artichoke.

2017 New York International Olive Oil Competition

Silver Award Winner

The Neolea Story

“The most memorable moments in life to me are filled with the best flavors life has to offer and I want to make sure you’ll remember the taste of them”

I founded Neolea after I had fallen in love with Greece and the pure flavors of life it has to offer. To me Neolea is the epitome of the Mediterranean Lifestyle. That lifestyle is about enjoying life, pure products and beautiful design.

Some of the most beautiful architecture, fashion and product design comes from the Mediterranean. It’s where on a day off, friends, family and loved ones come together and get more taste out of life with heavenly pure products packed with flavor that are healthy as well.

All over the world people live different lives and have different ambitions but we all love great tasting food, beautiful design, spending time with the people you love and feeling healthy. To me, that means to Get More Taste Out of Live.

– Bart Jan Manten

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Your customers are looking for quality, pure products packed with flavor and integrity. Always on the lookout for something new as we all want to be different and unique. Whether it’s home cooking, a professional kitchen, on the table in your restaurant or even a gift shop, Neolea is making people feel good and that’s why we do what we do.

Neolea is guaranteed pure, unfiltered extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality and was born in Greece, where it all began.

Contact us now and find our more about the benefits of becoming a distributor or user of Neolea Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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